Frequently Asked Questions

My e-courses are web-based courses that you have access to through a site and are generally life-time access.
My ebooks are courses that you can download and have on your computer to access any time, as often as you want. Once you download them, they are yours to explore and create with – no restricted access or time limits!
One of my core values is creating beauty with what is easily accessible around you. Wild chicory blooms and a mason jar can become a glorious table arrangement, and old leather jacket can be transformed into a zipper pouch for precious jewelry, and hardware store materials can be worked into beautiful pieces of art for your walls. In that spirit, most of the materials you’ll need for all my ebook courses are available for little cost at your local hardware store and some you might even already have on hand. For the more specialty materials you’ll need, I’ve included links to where you can purchase them at the best pricing as well as alternatives in case you want even more choices.

Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be sent simple instructions for how to download your ebook. If you don’t see this in your inbox, check your spam folder to see if it’s there. It’s super easy and only requires current PDF viewing software such as Adobe Reader to view all the content or good enough internet access to view videos on Vimeo or Youtube..


Some of my ebooks have embedded videos which can only be viewed in a PDF reader that allows for playing embedded videos. I recommend you get a current version of Adobe Reader (free) and make sure you are opening your ebook IN that to view all the videos in your ebook (there are tons!)

Though Windows Media Player will allow you to view the ebook in it, it will NOT play the videos.

This means you are opening the ebook in a PDF viewer that does not allow for embedded video play back. Even if you have installed Adobe Reader (free) the ebook may be opening in a different default PDF viewer. If you are opening it in Adobe Reader and are still having trouble, try deleting your current version of Reader and downloading it again. If you still have trouble, contact me and we’ll figure out the solution asap.
Yes…and no. I’m all for you selling work that incorporate some of the techniques you’ll learn in the ebooks!

Every course I make is for your creativity to flourish and for your joy in making art to expand. If you want to use what you’ve learned through my courses or selling works you’ve made using the techniques of any of my ebooks, please honor both our respective creative journeys by adding more of your own creative vision to your classes then what you’ve learned from mine. This means that it is important that you make it MORE YOU THAN ME.

Love with your art and love yourself by making your art your own.


Generally speaking, all sales of ebooks and courses are final. Because they are life-time access, you can jump in whenever you are ready!
I love communing with fellow artists and creatives and would love to chat with you about your lovely event! Contact me to initiate this discussion and we’ll make wild and beautiful plans together!

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