Homesteader's Metalsmithing: Revamped

“Stephanie Lee has outdone herself with her new e-book, “Homesteader’s Metalsmithing: Revamped”!  I now understand why several teachers credited Steph for teaching them techniques that ignited their own creativity, projects, and classes.  She has jam-packed the latest version of this class with even more techniques and has tightly edited the e-book so that the final result is wonderful, inspiring eye-candy, offering a hobbyist jeweler a wonderful playground of techniques, giving crystal clear instructions that are easy to understand.  I loved this class so much that I purchased an extra one for my sister.  I heartily endorse this book for not only the techniques, but also for a homespun can-do philosophy that permeates her work.”

My comprehensive, non-traditional metal-smithing class is more full and more fit than ever!

I’ve reworked the tried and true techniques, created new video tutorials in high quality HD footage, accessorized with updated approaches, and included the new techniques I have developed and fine tuned since first releasing Homesteader’s Metalsmithing (the original course).

The foundation work you will learn in this eBook has become the jumping off point for many metalsmithing artists to launch into their own vibrant designs and create wildly successful businesses of their own. Along with the foundation work, you will learn from a mountain of design additions from beadwork to wire work to fabric addition and more.

“This is a fabulous class! Stephanie is a gifted and giving instructor live or via video. She teaches you how to use the torch and turn brass and copper sheets into beautiful one-of-a kind works of art. Whether you are a pro, a newbie, or somewhere in between I recommend this class. I have a hard time with on line classes but she breaks this one down into digestible segments. This is a five star class for sure!!!”

In this eBook, I will guide you, in the same manner that a homesteader employs to create a garden of eden, in learning the techniques that will allow you to forge up your own jewelry, book covers, boxes, assemblages and so much more. Each and every technique I will share can be adapted to SO many different art forms – not even the sky will be the limit for you! If you’ve already enjoyed taking a live or online class from me, you will LOVE the in depth exploration and tutoring as well as many more techniques that just can’t fit into a one day, classroom-based, class.


  • over 30 technique videos
  • detailed companion written instruction
  • troubleshooting help and Q&A sessions
  • indepth exploration in understanding your materials to be able to manipulate them how you want
  • tools coaching and selection guidance
  • fabrication of wire forms, foundations, and flourishes
  • bezel creation from various materials and in many forms
  • solder manipulation and texturing
  • inventive, original and non-tedious chain-making
  • solder casting
  • altering and modifying natural elements
  • resin exploration and alternatives
  • bead crochet
  • fabric + metal combining in various, unique ways
  • image creation in metal and fabric

much, much, much more!

What people are saying…

"I was very apprehensive about an online course, but it has far exceeded my expectations. You have a great teaching style--the videos were amazing and packed full of information. I loved learning all the techniques but I have to say my favorite part of the course was the information you gave us when things don't always go perfectly and what to do to salvage the piece. As a result I didn't have a single piece that I started that I wasn't able to correct using the tips and tricks that you shared with us."
Stephanie- your ebook is truly a treasure trove of information ! It has become a "go to" for techniques, guidance and inspiration. Without a doubt I recommend this ebook and plan to purchase more in the future. Please keep teaching and inspiring!
Wow Stephanie what an amazing ebook...easy to navigate around in! As usual you have gone many extra miles in making a wonderful reference and teaching guide!!!
Stephanie is such an amazing teacher/soul, she gives from her heart and shares so much & presents her teachings in a way that are easy to follow and fun to explore with your own a self taught metal working gal, this was the first course I have ever taken and it was simply wonderful. I learned so so many new techniques and was able to truly delve into my own approach to creating through what I learned from her teaching!
"I love how Stephanie brought together a group of women from across the country who are all passionate about their art. The enthusiasm is just contagious."
For many years I have been a student, a follower, a stalker and a devoted fan of the teachings of Stephanie Lee. Her methods are clear and concise. Her generosity of knowledge is "above and beyond". trust me, this video will teach you techniques beyond your wildest dreams. I cannot imagine what more she can possibly give, but when she does, I shall be first in line. Cross my heart.
Linda B
Just a shout-out to tell you how much I love my new ebook. Took the class and loved that so much, but find I love this ebook even more. When I need to know something or have a question.....I can go right to it in this book. Loove it!!! I took your bezel necklace-bracelet class at Adorn Me-year 2. I was such a newcomer to jewelry making I'd never held a torch, and I can still remember your hand on mine, directing my movements. That was my start. Thank you. The journey and the people I meet along the way have kept me young. Turn 75 this month and am looking forward to the next 25 years of learning and jewelry making - and more classes with you, Stephanie. You're the best!!
"This has been the best metalsmithing class ever. We are all so fortunate how willing you are to share. I have taken a lot of online workshops and I will say this one has been the best!!! Your videos truly enhance the entire process."

For the price of a single day of inperson instruction with me, you’ll get the equivalent of a two week, full time, intensive workshop. By opting in on this eBook, you are gifting yourself with a metal-smithing class that uses the most accessible materials, the simplest tools, and easy-as-pie-but-super-cool techniques that are extremely adaptable in many art forms! Even more important, you are also nurturing your creative inklings and supporting your capacity for artistic expression!

Once you purchase the ebook, you’ll receive an email within minutes with download instructions. It’s super easy and you’ll have all the content at your fingertips in a flash!

So come on, dive in and buckle up for an adventure that will launch your art into a whole new orbit of excellence!

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