Life moves along at break-neck speed and I know that devoting specific time to engage in a live, online class isn’t always practical. Because of this, I’ve created a library of technique-packed ebooks ready for you to download instantly and work through at whatever pace feels best to you.

Once you purchase an ebook from me, you HAVE it. It’s yours.


Explore it any time you want, as much as you want. There are no limits, deadlines, or dress codes. And, if you ever loose it (because computers crash sometimes), no problem! Just shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you right away!

So here you go. My metalsmithing, painting, plaster, and encaustic based ebooks (because I really, really love it all.)

Homesteaders MetalSmithing Ebook by Stephanie Lee

My comprehensive, non-traditional metal-smithing class is more full and more fit than ever!

With over 30 video tutorials in high quality HD footage the signature techniques in this ebook have been the foundation work that has become the jumping off point for many metalsmithing artists to launch into their own vibrant designs and create wildly successful businesses of their own. Each and every technique I will share can be adapted to SO many different art forms – not even the sky will be the limit for you!


WaxenPlast Ebook by Stephanie Lee

Luminous hot wax and the stoney tooth of plaster is explored in two and three dimensional form through video and written instruction in the pages of this ebook. The techniques in this book can be used for quick and simple little works of art or expanded on and combined for richly layered and complex larger works.

Hand-Formed: Simple Sculpting with Plaster

Plaster, paint, and encaustic medium are combined in three dimension in this ebook that  guides you through 8 different plaster sculpting projects, from beginning to end. With a focus on understanding and exploring the mechanics of sculpting with plaster, you’ll learn a wide variety of armature techniques that will allow you to easily create beautiful sculptures of your own design beyond the specific projects!


Handbook of Elements

This metalsmithing + plaster based ebook guides you, step-by-step, through using various techniques for working with plaster pages as well as simple, approachable metalsmithing techniques. When you finish the course, you will have your own beautiful Handbook of Elements ready for journaling and original art.

Plaster Studio Ebook by Stephanie Lee

Originally created as a 4-week live online course and an expanded companion to the book, Plaster Studio Workshop (by Stephanie Lee & Judy Wise), this ebook is packed full of a wide variety of plaster working + altering techniques. With nearly 60 pages of project and technique instruction + videos, you’ll walk away with a whole new bag of plaster working tricks to beautifully incorporate into your art.


Pipe Dreams Ebook by Stephanie Lee

Using my signature metalsmithing techniques, this ebook will guide you through every step of creating a beautiful pipe-based vessel necklace in which you can tuck your wildest dreams and most heartfelt prayers. Techniques include fabricating through torch soldering + adorning, beading, & incorporating fabric into a personal wearable piece of art.