I’ve created this space and these courses just for you. For you to experiment, thrive, expand. Cook up your own exquisite kind of magic anytime you want.  All of my online courses include lifetime access and beautiful communities who are the BEST company + kindest, truest cheerleaders.

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wholehearted-artist with Stephanie Lee

Brand new for 2017!


Being a maker, an artist, a vision-carrier often brings with it extremes in contrast.

Motivation runs hot and cold, balance feels impossible, and you really just want to have more fun, do more of what you want to do, and let a lot of other stuff go.

This is the wild and whipping life of a passionately creative soul and this 12 week course (delivered right to your inbox) is as in depth as it is light hearted in its invitation to honor the extremes. Through easy, playful, soul-nourishing, whole-life exercises you will create a radiant place of peace where the extremes are welcomed and tempered, as needed, with the sweet and delicate flavor of slow + conscious living and doing a whole lot less of what doesn’t feel good and a whole lot more of what feels oh so good to your heart.


Handbook of Elements

If you have even a tiny desire to create an online course, I want you to know that you can do it. No question. What you know is exactly what someone else has been wanting to know and the liberating and true message of this course is NOT “here’s how complex it can get” but rather “here’s how simple it can be”.

You have the heart and the ideas a’plenty. This course will give you the tools to fill in the gaps, simplify the tech, and organize your ideas into a live course in a way that honors your gift, presents it well, and cultivates a tribe of thriving participants.

If you are ready to step confidently into world of online teaching and claim your space as a teacher without limitations, this course is the perfect place to start.