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COME AS YOU ARE. In pajamas and bed-head or freshly floofed, wearing your best everything. Come with all your courage or all your uncertainty. This is a place to open wide to your own continued, radiant self-discovery. I’ll meet you with a warm and strong hug, extra art supplies, and tons of encouragement. I want you to know how essential the marvelous work that comes through you is for the vibrancy of this world.

“…What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?…” DAVID WHYTE


Every course I make is for you. For your creativity to flourish and for your joy in making art to expand. For you to learn new techniques, glean fresh ideas, or to gift yourself the honor of space in conversation with your soul. You can be madly, deeply in love with the process and result of making and experience the joy of new horizons opening up for you through your journey!

The point is to engage in whatever way gets your creative juices flowing best and most true to you. When you water the seeds of your beautiful creative blueprint, a wild and luscious garden emerges.

Get Started!

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Be inspired. Make your magic.

Share it profusely with those around you.

Love with your art.

Make it your own and let your unique and beautiful vision take center stage.