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I believe that we all have a vein of potent curiosity that enables us to “figure it out”.
Figure out how to live in a way that feels most true, how to make what we see as beautiful, how to transmute challenges into strength, and how to feel alive and purposeful and connected.
As a kid, I quickly figured out that I could navigate the tumultuous waters of familial unrest by way of making things that felt beautiful to me. Following the crumbs of my curiosity carried me through heartbreak and transitions and periods of time where I felt completely unmoored to anything other than the tender invitation to create.
Now, as a grown up artist, author, and creativity facilitator, I write, paint, and push around all sorts of materials to create real-life art from the pictures in my head. Not realizing as a child that making could become my vocation, I am now honored to pound the dead ends and break-throughs of my own hero’s journey into the gold that  illuminates your own figure-it-out genius.

What I do

Many artist struggle with making art they feel best expresses what they want it to. I create art and courses to give your curious and beautiful voice a place to shine.
I am the author of the best selling “Semiprecious Salvage: Creating Found Art Jewelry” and co-author of “Plaster Studio:Mixed-Media Techniques for Painting, Casting and Carving.
I am also the creator of over a dozen popular online art courses and ebooks which provide easy, step-by-step guidance on how to improve your metalsmtihing skills in my signature “homesteader” style, how to combine plaster, paint, and encaustic medium in two-dimensional work, and how to create original sculpted forms with plaster and found objects.
I have been featured in numerous publications including Stampington, Somerset, Belle Armoire Jewelry, A Jewelry Affaire, and others.

Plaster Studio by Stephanie Lee and Judy Wise    Semiprecious Salvage by Stephanie Lee

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What Makes Me Tick

I grew up among the mountains and red rocks of Utah but now call Southern Oregon home. I live with my (adorably sexy) husband, Vince (who can build/fix/do anything I put my mind to), teenage daughter Annabelle, dogs Elsie and Rumi, and three cats who really need to up their game in their mole hunting duties. Vince and I share four more grown children (one of whom I brought into the world) and I’ve decided that being a grandma before the age of 40 is pretty much the best thing ever.

This is me ticking...


My therapist is my garden and the backpacking trails where nature and I have pretty good conversations about all the things. I have pretty good homesteading skills and I admittedly fantasize about living off the grid in cozy cabin where there is snow in the winter and the summer finds me growing and canning my own food by the bushel (with a cute little coffee shop within walking distance, of course) and read real paper books in the evening by firelight.

Oh, and we’d have super good wifi. Obvs.

Stephanie Lee
I cry easily, even (and especially) when laughing and have amassed a plethora of other potentially useful skills that I have so far totally underutilized. These include, but are not limited to:

Playing the piano and guitar
Cooking over a fire
Canning and preserving food
Making new friends
Saving ab workouts on Pinterest
Using the very last drop of toothpaste out of the tube before throwing it away. (Waste not, want not!)
Things I would like to add to this list but have heretofore managed to under-excel in:

Running three miles without a lung collapsing
Being an overachiever (while simultaneously cultivating an Instagram feed of enviable “simple life” images, of course).
Earning “cool mom” status
Dancing in a way that does not look like a long armed troll trying to act casual when he just tripped over his shoelace.

One thing is for sure: If you are excited about something, I will be SO excited with you and I will do everything I can to make sure you know how awesome you are. Because, if nothing else, I want you to feel really, really good about being all in with your unique and exquisite creative expression.



me and my herd

me and my herd