Painting among the Redwoods

The past couple of months I have spent the majority of my time at a computer helping a friend creating some amazing stuff. A lot of focus and planning and building and more focus. I’ve loved darn near every minute of it.

Now my attention is shifting towards continuing my preparations for An Artful Journey at the end of next month. This is the LAST retreat that Cindy will be hosting at the magical Presentation Center among the redwoods and I’m so happy I get to be a part of it again! Three days with the same group of creative participants is my favorite. This venue – and the soulful artists it attracts – is divine. Lots of friendship, painting, and fresh air – sweetened with the fragrance of redwood trees. Creative energy is so strong among such ancient guardians.6a00d8353dd52369e201b7c80c6d7c970b-350wi
There are just a few seats available in my workshop if you’d like a little restorative winter getaway. We’re going to do some deeper diving than I’ve ever done in a class before to clarify and translate our intentions on the canvas. Of course, each participant is free to go exactly as deep or not-deep as he or she needs to go. No requirements or judgement.

This life of artistic expression is not for sissies. It’s good to know we are among friends in this journey. If you want to create some painterly touchstones for when you need them, come push paint with us in my Luminous Voice class.