new (school) year

I’ve been feeling the itch to blog more regularly again. Thoughts are backing up by the minute…things I want to share. I’ve just returned from two weeks away from home and, with only two days between my return home and the first day of school, I’m sure you can understand that I’m still in re-entry mode. I posted on facebook today the following:

“Today is the first day of school…a.k.a “Momma’s New Year that feels more like New Year’s Day than the actual New Year’s Day”. 
This time brings intense urges to purge my home of unnecessary items, overhaul my office/desk area, rid myself of five million bits and pieces in my studio and the cobwebs they are hiding, set a hundred thousand goals to be accomplished by my next birthday, schedule in crazy fun vacations and plenty of lucrative opportunities in 2015, meditate for 6 hours a day to keep on track, and once and for all devote myself to re-learning Spanish + practicing the piano & guitar + learning cello + writing a book + weekly menu planning + growing a winter garden + read 5 mind-expanding books a week + finding my abs + falling in love all over again with waking up early every day to a new adventure.
I’m no over achiever but I think it might be smart just to start with doing a batch of laundry from start to finish today. Yes…me thinks this is a very good place to start.”

It’s true. This time of year awakens that part of me that is brought to life by new beginnings. I don’t find it odd that my desire to dive into those new beginnings includes the urge to make room for them in any and all areas of life.

Incidentally, I actually did get a load of laundry done from start to finish – all put away and everything. I consider this worthy of a mini celebration.

As I work to resolve some slightly inconvenient Etsy issues I’m having, I’m offering a few paintings directly from my blog here. I’ve popped up here today to show them to you as well as some jewelry I recently listed on my etsy shop here.

Sweet little pieces like this porcelain boat necklace.