Layers on Leather Mini Course


Learn intriguing techniques and simple tips as you join me in the process of making these layered collage on leather paintings from beginning to end. I've partnered with master leather craftsman, Tim Alden to set you up with the perfect hide for sturdiness and texture.

Video course approximately 90 minutes in length + a short supply list and a heap of conversation about why I do what I do and what alternatives can also be explored.

I’m offering limited leather kits to correspond with this course. You can read more about those here.

Once you register, an email will be redirected to an order confirmation page with the course access information. PLEASE read that page so that you can access the course content! You will have lifetime access so if you do not get the email (in your inbox or junk folder), please contact me.

BONUS: EVERYONE who purchases this course through Dec. 31st will be entered to win 6 pieces of ready-to-paint leather in various sizes for you to layer and paint with to your heart's content! (Winner will be announced within a week of the cut off date).

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WHAT: Approximately 90 minutes of video instruction that walks you through the creation of these leather painted wonders from beginning to end. In it I will show you my favorite techniques for layering with plaster, gesso, and collage to create a representational story of walking through the world with mixed emotions. Using these few materials, you can tweak the techniques to create your own story according to what feels most liberating.

WHY: Why not? I created this course to show you the process from raw materials to finished piece because I know sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and when to finish. I want you to see how you can use the simplest of materials and techniques to create something you can perch on the shelf, gawk at for a good, long time, and feel so darn proud of what a beauty you created.

ALL of you who purchase this course through December 31st will be entered to win a fat little pile of leather substrates for you to paint on. Sent with lots of love from my home here in Oregon, to wherever you are.
(Yes! Even internationally!!)


Here’s a short list of supplies and materials if you would like to play along. Before you buy anything, I recommend that you watch the videos so that you can see what is optional, what alternatives I tell you about, and how you can create a similar project with very few materials.


glue of choice
Basic art supplies (your favorite gel medium and art brushes, rags or paper towels, scissors or craft knife, ruler, etc).
Vegetable tanned leather
 (Tim recommends Hermann Oak Utility Grade Veg Tan but if you don’t want that much leather or you want something thinner, you can look for pieces at a local craft + hobby store or a leather worker’s scrap pile.)
You can also purchase pre-cut leather pieces directly from me:


graphite pencil (6B, soft)
Box cutter (strong and sturdy!!) with fresh blades
Sandpapers in 80 and 400 grit
Grommets and grommet setting tool
Hole punch in a corresponding size to your grommet
This little set has all the tools you’d need to set grommets with a 1/4” inside diameter
Block of wood (for grommet setting)
Glycerin saddle soap
Piece of canvas fabric
Plaster of Paris
White gesso
Mixing container + tool (like a plastic or metal spoon)
Spreading tool (you can also use an old credit card or hotel room key)
Masking tape
Photos (I used original vintage photos but you could use current photos too.)
Acrylic paints (I used a soft gray, drab tan, burnt umber, and a tiny pop of bright red)
Collage papers, ephemera, or fabric scraps
Awl or sharp tool for scratching