Scratching the Surface Live Workshop – Washington


October 14-15, 2017

Lynnwood, WA (outside Seattle)

If you desire to leave your authentic, creative mark on this world, come join us in this two-day journey where we will cultivate trust in our innate creative voice and genius. We will gather with the intention to listen for that voice and in the process, honor, and tune in to the unique expression that wants to come through your art. This expression may be a bold and clear message or it may be a collection of seemingly nonsensical marks that surge up from a place of curiosity and response.

We will explore color and shape, light and shadow, form and obscurity, and story-telling through imagery.  We will create studies in texture and color on various surfaces, working wide and close, scratching away at the surface conversations we have with ourselves that keep us from showing up in our full radiance.

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The focus of this workshop will be on experimenting with many surface-altering techniques according to the impulses and curiosity that rise to the surface.  All these dynamic elements – paint, wood, paper, plaster, and inks – will be finished with luminous layers of encaustic to create a dreamlike quality to work that cannot be achieved with a brush and collage alone.

At the end of the workshop, you will have multiple and various works of art completed or nearly complete to support you in your continued creative journey to showing up in full creative expression in life.


“I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches.” – Alice Roosevelt Longworth

**IMPORTANT: One you register for this workshop, your payment is non-refundable but IS transferrable. If the workshop is canceled by the host or instructor, a full refund will be given. The host and instructor are not responsible for expenses incurred relating to travel to the workshop and no refunds will be given for those expenses. It is recommended that you wait to purchase airfare until a month prior to the workshop date.

Supply List

Basics–scissors, craft knife, pencil, apron, water container, rags

3-5 substrates of your choice (8″x10″ or larger; whatever you’re most comfortable traveling with or shipping )  These can be cradled wood, artist boards, plywood (rough is great), etc.  No plank wood, particle board, or canvas board.

5-8 small substrates of your choice.  These may be 4″ square canvas boards or pieces of plywood, etc.  They do NOT have to be cradled.

Your favorite brand of acrylic paints, to include titanium white, a vivid red, yellow, and blue (your choice), and raw umber

Soft, regular, or heavy gel medium of your choice and brush to apply it

A variety of inexpensive artist brushes, including:  fine tip, filbert, wider brush (2″ or so), and an angle brush.  Also bring whatever brushes you most like to work with.

Various tools for scratching, scraping and creating texture, such as awl, old pencils, hair combs, etc.  Look around your house!

Various photocopied (laser) images in a mix of black and white, and color.  Black and white images are fine on cheap copy paper, made at a library or on an older machine.  Just don’t use inkjet home printer images.  Bring at least two self-portrait photographs.

Found objects to incorporate into the encaustic medium
collage papers and ephemera
heat gun or hair dryer
baby wipes

The hours 9AM-5PM with a hr. lunch break each day. The registration fee does not include meals or lodging.