The WholeheARTed Artist + Map Maker Visual Journal Companion Course


The WholeheARTed Artist course is now expanded to include a visual journal experience! The Map Maker Visual Journal Companion Course is available ONLY as an add on to The WholeheARTed Artist main course.

Each of the 12 lessons will be delivered straight to your inbox along with video instruction guiding you through taking the work of the lessons to the pages of a visual journal. In Map Maker, you will deepen your self-discovery prompted by the lessaons in depth on the pages of a journal. A few additional video lessons will be delivered straight to your inbox to dive deeper into all the ways we can create the experience of sufficiency in our lives.

Map Maker is not a technique-heavy course. It is intentionally built to deepen the effectiveness of the main lessons in such a way that does not require you purchase all new materials or come to the page with honed skills. Come as you are, with the discoveries you will make while going through the WholeheARTed Artist main course lessons, and give your creativity a way to partner with you in creating a clearer path to your wholehearted creativity than you've ever had before.

A short and simple materials list will be sent to you in May along with further instructions on how to join the WholeheARTed Artist community and dive into connection right away.

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A materials list will be supplied before the course starts. Though I will recommend some of my favorite products and mediums, rest assured that you can absolutely use the materials you already have on hand to minimize expenses. It’s all about showing up on the page with a sense of curiosity and willingness to deepen your devotion to your own soul’s blueprint with confidence, clarity, and peace.

Each of the 12 lessons will have corresponding video instruction (+ a few extra lessons thrown in) for how to translate the work of the lesson onto the pages of your journal. We will use paint, collage, and a heap of overlapping mediums to create a map of our journey into deeper wholeheartedness and sufficiency.

Join me in creating a trail marker of your vision. You deserve to be in love with your life, to show up for yourself with your whole heart, and to feel deep and unshakable sufficiency.