Where do you want to meet up?

There’s a wholelotta good stuff in this post so read carefully.
I’ve been meaning to tell you about the live workshops I have coming up in 2017. It’s been a rare thing the past couple of years to meet up with me, face to face, in a workshop. After a few years of really pulling my energy in and cutting way back on the live events, the tides have shifted and I am thrilled at the thought of being in the classroom with you again. (Skip ahead if you want to snag one of the very limited spots in my schedule coming up.)

I’ve been in a deep healing season, reflecting on how my creative impulses most want to be expressed and I have to tell you, that has not been an easy journey. So much gold has been mined in the underground of this self-inquiry. I feel busted wide open in all the best ways.

New ideas.
Deeper authenticity.
A creative flow that is surpassing all my previous surges.

I’ve poured all the struggle and light in this renewal journey wholeheartedly into these workshops and can hardly wait to co-create with you in these spaces! I’m bringing the tools that have saved me to you – to help you connect with your wholehearted, creative self more deeply than ever before. It’s true creative liberation, friends.
And you deserve it.

This year is a big year for our family. A new grandbaby will be here by the end of the month and then two daughters are getting married (both in September). The call to bring what I’ve learned to you through live workshops has collided with a limited schedule but I’m not going to let that stop me. There will be the perfect convergence of souls in the limited space + time we’ll have together and it will be alchemy. Without a doubt.

So, let me tell you what’s up and you can pick which ones call you to most:

The Mindfully Alive Virtual Retreat
Beginning March 6, 2017
Join me in this brand-new workshop series hosted that Julie Merrett, artist, Occupational Therapist and coach, is offering. I’m honored to be a featured speaker, alongside other experts, and we’re coming together to give you our advice on becoming unblocked and living mindfully so you can create your dream business and your dream life. And, it’s FREE so hop on over and sign up.

Brave Girl’s Symposium
July 6-8, 2017, Boise, ID
I’m thrilled to be among the few handpicked artists participating in the marketplace at the bliss bubble of love + truth telling that is BG Symposium. Get an incredble spirit boost from the speakers on the roster! Good, good stuff there!!

Idyllwild Arts Academy
July 19-23, 2017, Idyllwild, CA
Five luxurious days of deep creative exploration in a beautiful location! This workshop is going to be my most excavational yet. We’ll have the time to really dig in and learn how to listen to what our unique creative fingerprint is holding in trust for us. We will get our hands dirty and open our souls to the light to connect deeply with the confidence we need to create most authentically.

Scratching the Surface in Seattle
October 14-15, 2017, Seattle, WA
Autum. The PNW. Creative retreating. Gah…my kind of medicine! We’re going to transmute the energy of the city into powerful alchemic inspiration in this two day workshop where we’ll play with plaster, collage, and encaustic medium in new and luminous ways.

Lastly – In honor of my daughter’s 20th birthday (she’s going to be a first time mamma within the month!!), I’m hosting a flash sale on EVERYTHING in my store, including ebooks (with the exception of live workshops and my Plaster Studio Ebook).
Enter the code “twentybliss” and grab up anything and everything you want at 20% off! The sale is today and tomorrow only!

I’ve also re-opened registration for The WholeheARTed Artist Course JUST through this week. I wish I had words to describe how incredible the community is in response to the course lessons. Just whoa.

So, click on what calls you to, secure your spot, and prepare for a big ol’ hug from me when we meet up.