I invite you to dive into this exploration in the marriage of plaster and encaustic medium!

Luminous hot wax and the stoney tooth of plaster is explored in two and three dimensional form throughout the pages of this ebook. The techniques in this book can be used for quick and simple little works of art or expanded on and combined for richly layered and complex larger works.

I’m happy to announce that the Waxenplast ebook is ready for instant download! 

The live course was so much fun and the participants made some incredible work!

sampling of projects

This book includes:

  • detailed instructions on

    making your own wood, cardboard, and canvas board substrates

  • detailed instructions on

    altering and reconstructing found objects

  • detailed instructions on

    creating rich, textural journals

  • detailed instructions on

    making your own chalk paint

  • detailed instructions on

    how to bend the rules of paint + encaustic

  • and so much more!

Over 20 tutorial videos, 50 pages of instruction, and heaps of resource links are compiled in one place.

The ebook is formatted to be viewable on mobile devices such as iPads and tablets that are able to view PDF’s.

Learn to make your own textural substrates, incorporate natural materials, papers, and imagery, manipulate the was surface, and layer upon layer of rule breaking for delicious finished works of art.


Students Saying…

“This course was fabulous-I love that I can keep going back to revisit. No matter how many times I review the content, I always come away with something new I missed before. This course just keeps on giving!” – C.G.

“I did my very first encaustic painting on the weekend. I loooove working with wax. I have a lot to learn but this is something I am so happy I came across!!” -P.H.

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