Winter Warmth

I’m sitting 4 feet from our wood stove – this winter’s only source of heat for us. The heat pump went out at the end of summer and we just haven’t been inclined to fix it.

I prefer the wood. The smell, the tending, the warmth.

It’s all so much more soul-satisfying to me than turning up a dial on a thermostat (which, has it’s perks, for sure.)

For the past week, we’ve had no rain and even an excess of sunshine up here on the knoll. We live just up high enough to be above the soup of fog that has locked everyone in while I’ve been driving around on the mower in a light jacket picking up the leaves still blanketing from fall. I called my friend, who lives down in the soup, to visit. I could tell the gray blanket was getting to her. It starts to wear on you after a bit and you start hankering for a drive. Anywhere. Just out of it.

It can feel like that sometimes in your chest even when everything outside in the world is sparkly and shiny. It can feel like there’s a fog settling in that keeps you from smiling your widest smile.

This time of year can be especially hard for some of our beloveds. Maybe even for you.

I read something recently by Rachel Jonat that said: “We don’t have to continue holiday traditions that leave us broke, overwhelmed, and tired.”

Amen to that. Amen to giving ourselves a break. Amen to stepping back to re-evaluate what we say yes and no to. Amen to doing exactly what feels the most joyful to you. Amen to tuning into the soulful ease that we can opt in on.

And Amen to sitting right next to the warmth of something that nourishes you at your core.

Sending you love and prayers for peace as we collectively cross the threshold of a new year.


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