“Enough” is truth. It stands as irrefutable permission for you to be whole even as you grow. But the experience of sufficiency is the difference between just knowing you are enough, and feeling that your life is enough. It’s about making conscious choices of thinking, creating, making, and embracing all that allows the truth of your wholeness to be your beautiful, daily reality.

Join in this 12 week course to create this experience of sufficiency and move through your days with more than just hope and good intentions. Step into feeling more satisfied and true-to-you than ever before.

You will learn to tend to the parts of self and life that are often overlooked, underserved, or malnourished in the artist’s experience. You will recreate new daily habits that will support and sustain wholeheartedness. From your morning routine to the food you nourish yourself, how you engage with your friends to how you determine what things to keep in your physical space. It’s all about seeing more closely…seeing that all the resources you need for liberation and living “enough” are right in front of you.

Each week of the course, you will receive a lesson + assignment straight to your inbox specifically designed to give you the tools to easily embody your wholeheARTed self. We will examine your thoughts and workflow patterns as an artist and experiment with slight adjustments you can easily make to cultivate deeper satisfaction in your creative endeavors.


  • Managing your time

    (and self) so that you feel productive and at ease. Here’s a little secret: it’s not actually about typical time management. It’s so much more soul-centered.

  • Changing your mind

    – for real – about the lies you (and the world) have told you about your ability to choose the life you want to live every day. (There are actually some really helpful lies to tell yourself and I’ll show you why.)

  • Creating art with deeper joy and awareness

    of your body + soul’s needs beyond immersion in the creative process.

  • Listening to your body

    without being obsessed with what’s wrong with it…and to change whatever you want to change without believing that means you don’t love and accept yourself.

  • Nurturing friendships

    into satisfying and reciprocal devotion.

  • Honoring the space you live in

    with exactly the right amount and kinds of things that bring peace into every room.

  • Rewriting limiting beliefs

    that you have around the pressures of money and selling your work.

  • Putting play into practice

    and harnessing the power in benign neglect of the endless to-do list.

  • Shifting out of a comparison funk

    quickly and empowered and with new awareness from the comparison as to what your heart is being called to do.

  • Making friends with your future self.

    She has so so much to offer you…incredible things she’s been holding in trust just for you and your beautiful heart.

“This week’s lesson is really a strong message for me. One year ago, I was as my lowest points ever physically. I had never felt worse in my life. Then I made a radical decision that I wanted to live! At that moment, I changed everything. I made the best decision to live the rest of my years creating joy in my life. This week’s lesson has inspired me to meet my next goal!” M. O.

I want to tell you right now that this is not another course that just tells you that you are enough. This is not a course on finding your purpose (but you will learn the best way to make our own from the gloriousness of who you are). And this is not a course on how to be a better artist.
This is so much more than that because it meets you in the every day where you have to make choices about what you are going to do with your time, energy, and talents and gives you the awareness you’ll need to FEEL what “enough” feels like without ever having to chase it.

It’s time for you to get out of your own way.
It’s time for you to feel steady and lasting peace with how you tend to all aspects of your creative life. You deserve deeply satisfying relationships with your time, your to-do’s, your self-talk, the space you live in, and your creative process.


Join me in this awakening journey to shift from knowing you are enough, to creating a life that is enough for YOU.


The first course lesson will be delivered to you the day you purchase it. The content will be delivered to you daily until all 12 of the course lessons are in your inbox – and will be available to you forever. There is no end date or closing date and you can work through it at your own pace.
Because the course material is delivered straight to your inbox, there is no need for you to remember any classroom passwords or web addresses. The messages come to you, where you are, for you to engage with whenever you are ready.

On or before Nov. 30, 2017, you will receive and email with a link to download the PDF version of the course. ALL the content will be in this PDF in a nice, tidy, singule document.


Besides a willing heart, and open mind, and the desire to feel joy more and more each day? A journal or some way of recoding thoughts that come to you as you progress through the course. I highly recommend a pen + paper journal to handwrite what comes to mind. It seems to be the perfect way to quiet the chatter enough to listen for the golden threads of truth more intentionally.
If you only register for the main course without the Map Maker add on, no other supplies are needed.

The WholeheARTed Artist: Map Maker
Map Maker is a visual journal companion course to amplify the potency of the 12 written lessons. A materials list will be supplied in May and though I will recommend some of my favorite products and mediums, rest assured that you can absolutely use the materials you already have on hand to minimize expenses. It’s all about showing up on the page with a sense of curiosity and willingness to deepen your devotion to your own soul’s blueprint with confidence, clarity, and peace.

Each of the 12 lessons will have corresponding video instruction (+ a few extra lessons thrown in) for how to translate the work of the lesson onto the pages of your journal. We will use paint, collage, and a heap of overlapping mediums to create a map of our journey into deeper wholeheartedness and sufficiency. you’ll just need your favorite painting and collage supplies.

The supply list that will be provided is totally optional because I want your life and the things around you, already available to you right now, to become your medium of transformation.


One thing is for sure: whether you join just The WholeheARTed Artist main course or add on the Map Maker visual journalling companion, this is not a course packed with vanilla platitudes and trite advice that hasn’t served you well so far. This is the straight shooting (with lots of love) that you need to create real and lasting satisfaction in your artist journey.

Each week you will get straight-talk truth about what trips us up, simple tips to change the patterns that keep us from feeling balanced and whole, and tools for transforming our fears, habits, and self-talk.

A printable ebook version of the course will be provided at the completion of the course to support you in defining the new choices you will be making on your heart’s behalf.

You’ll learn why time management is a lie and why self honoring is where the true and lasting power is. You’ll rewrite the looping scripts that keep you from tapping into your most radiant creative impulses to be words + thoughts of creative power and freedom. You’ll develop simple and practical go-to’s for nourishing your body & soul when you feel weary and, most of all, you’ll realize the power you have to transform any feelings of dissatisfaction into total and complete SUFFICIENCY.

At the end of the course, you can expect to have these most effective tools for living wholehearted as an artist and creative being with in heart’s reach.


“Wow, just wow…… such good stuff. An IG friend describes a workshop she just attended as “digging deep into her emotional vault and becoming a better person for it”. That’s how I am feeling this morning….thanks to Stephanie and this course.” -D.M.

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TWA Main Course + Map Maker Visual Journal Course:


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